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Are Consoles Affecting PC Games?

The argument about PC graphics being better than console graphics is an unwinable war for either side. PC gamers say their games will always look better, while console gamers try to come up with poor objections that we all know do not suffice. However, is there a bigger […]

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Learn More About FUSE’s Characters

EA has released trailers for all four of the playable characters for Insomniac‘s upcoming shooter FUSE. The trailers present glimpses of each character’s back story and their personalities. We also get a good glimpse at each character’s special power that comes with their specialised gun. Dalton Brooks: Dalton’s gun, the […]

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Aliens: Colonial Marines- Review

Platforms: Xbox 360//PlayStation 3//PC//Wii U (TBC) Developer: Gearbox Software Publisher: Sega Genre: First Person Shooter Platform Played: PC The Alien franchise is a great collection of films and various other media (most of it anyway). Aliens: Colonial Marines wants to be a game that mirrors the positives of the franchise. However, for everything […]

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