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E3 2016: ‘Attack on Titan’ Impressions

Will you kill every last Titan?

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‘Destiny’ Now Available Worldwide

Bungie and Activision have announced that the highly anticipated online shooter, Destiny is now available worldwide. Destiny is Bungie’s latest creation after their overwhelming success with the Halo franchise, which has become the most pre-ordered video game IP in history and winning over 180 awards and nominations leading […]

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‘Infinite Crisis’ Entering Open Beta

The DC themed Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game, Infinite Crisis, is launching its Open Beta phase on March 14. Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and developer Turbine announced the news today. The Open Beta will feature three maps and all of the champions revealed thus far, which more […]

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Five Changes For a Better Knack

What went so wrong with Knack? The Sony Japan Studio game, Knack, offered up lots of promise in the early stages of its announcements. It was a game I particularly looked forward to as well because everything about it looked fresh and unique. However things didn’t pan out […]

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‘Knack’ Review

Platforms: PlayStation 4 Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment Developer: SCE Studio Japan Genre: Action, beat’em’up Platform Played: PlayStation 4 The best word to describe my experience with Knack is probably disappointing. From what we were first teased regarding Knack at E3, it had everybody intrigued. SCE Japan Studio showed off a brand new idea, with […]

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