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‘Dead Island: Riptide’ Claims Top UK Sales For Third Consecutive Week

Dead Island: Riptide claims number 1 spot on UK sales charts for a third consecutive week, despite dropping 55% in sales.

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Walking Dead Season 2 in Concept Stages

One of the biggest surprises of 2012 was The Walking Dead episodic series from Telltale Games, many were unsure how the game would turn out, since their less than stellar interpretation of Jurassic Park. Yet Telltale were able to create one of the best narrative experiences in gaming […]

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Walking Dead Episode 5: No Time Left Review

Fitting Conclusion The Walking Dead Series created by Telltale Games will be remembered for providing one of the best emotionally driven narratives, the world of gaming has ever seen. Telltale has continuously captured the true essence of the Walking Dead universe, providing gamers with a memorable experience with […]

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