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‘Oscura: Lost Light’ Launches on Mac Store

Surprise Attack Games and Chocolate Liberation Front have announced Oscura: Lost Light is now available on the Mac App Store. Players control Oscura, the apprentice to the lighthouse keeper, who inadvertently destroys the Aurora Stone, plunging the land into darkness. Oscura: Lost Light also features a unique silhouette based […]

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Bandai Namco Launches ‘Pac-Man 256’ on Mobile Devices

Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe has officially launched Pac-Man 256 on mobile devices. Developed by Hipster Whale and Bandai Namco Studios Vancouver, Pac-Man 256 tasks players with navigating through hordes of colourful ghosts, collectible fruits and inescapable glitches. Pac-Man will also be able to utilise an array of new power-ups […]

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‘LEGO Dimensions’ Scooby-Doo Gameplay Trailer

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has unleashed a new trailer for LEGO Dimensions showcasing the Scooby Snack lovin’ pooch, Scooby Doo and his beloved sidekick, Shaggy. Players will be able to purchase the Scooby-Doo Expansion Pack, which contains both LEGO Shaggy and Scooby-Doo minifigures, as well as a LEGO Mystery […]

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