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The Best of the Worst Villains in Gaming

Gaming has offered us a multitude of memorable, courageous and frankly badass heroes over the past few decades. They have bombarded castles to save princesses, traveled around the world for ancient treasure and saved the Earth from ultimate destruction more times than we can possibly count. But let’s […]

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Ubisoft Only Wants To Make Franchises

Ubisoft won’t even think about making a game which doesn’t have the potential to spawn sequels according to the company VP of sales and marketing, Tony Key. “Absolutely,” Key told A List Daily when asked if new IP Watch Dogs would seeing sequels later down the line. “That’s […]

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Does Exclusivity Really Matter?

Does exclusivity really matter? This question has become a hot topic over the past week when two titles that were originally exclusives on Nintendo’s Wii U console, made the move over to multi-platform.   Ninja Gaiden 3: Razors Edge was to be the ‘definitive version of Ninja Gaiden […]

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