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[Update] E3 2014 – ‘Magika 2’ Coming to PlayStation 4

Sony has announced a new partnership with Paradox Interactive, where each studio under Paradox Interactive are working on a PlayStation 4 exclusive title. The new partnership will see Magika 2 coming to PlayStation 4 consoles, the announcement came alongside a comical trailer which showcased one of the Magika […]

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E3 2014 – ‘EA Sports PGA Tour’ Announced

Electronic Arts has revealed EA Sports PGA Tour, alongside the debut gameplay footage. The newly announced golf title is developed using the Frostbite 3 Engine, and will feature no load times in-between each hole. The title will showcase legendary real-life courses and over-the-top fantasy golf courses; which was […]

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E3 2014 – Ubisoft Announces ‘Shape Up’

Ubisoft has just released a trailer for an Xbox One exclusive fitness title called Shape Up, the title will be coming to Xbox One this November. The trailer showcases an array of motion-based fitness mini-games, which include exercises methods such as squatting, push-ups, abs and step based challenges […]

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