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‘Evolve’ – Happy Hunting Trailer

2K and Turtle Rock Studios have released the first trailer for the upcoming 4 v 1 multiplayer shooter Evolve. Entitled “Happy Hunting” the trailer showcases the savage battles between the four human soldiers, and the one ever-evolving monster. The four human controlled players must manage their abilities and […]

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DICE Presents You Battlefield 4’s Classes

Swedish developer DICE has revealed Battlefield 4’s classes, via its official blog. As expected, the Assault, Recon, Engineer, and Support are all making a return, all being in three different factions: Chinese, Russian, and U.S. The developer promises that Battlefield 4’s classes will be more versatile, giving you […]

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Forge Review

*This review is based on the game before the update on 15 December* I have a theory about Dark Vale Games’ workspace. I believe their office is part game design area, part science laboratory. In their science laboratory, Dark Vale Games creates mutations of different gaming genres. Their […]

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