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Borderlands 3 Review

Borderlands 3 feels like the most refined version of the Borderlands formula, but it doesn’t quite manage to stick the landing,

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‘NBA 2K16’ #Winning Trailer

2K Games has released a new trailer for NBA 2K16, titled #Winning. The new gameplay trailer focuses on the cover athletes for NBA 2K16, which include Stephen Curry, James Harden, and Anthony Davis, alongside a extensive array of other athletes. The new footage showcases the improved visuals from […]

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2K Games Begin Ominous ‘Advent’ Teaser Campaign

2K Games has begun a new teaser campaign for an upcoming project, which is currently known as ‘Advent’. An official website has been created the Advent Administration, which boasts about a world “free from hunger, pain, sickness and war.” Though this campaign doesn’t seem to be as righteous […]

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‘Evolve’ Review

Platforms PlayStation 4/Xbox One/PC    Developer Turtle Rock Studios Publisher 2K Games Genre Action/First Person Shooter Platform Played PlayStation 4 Evolve can be a tremendous and tactical online multiplayer experience when four hunters work as a cohesive unit to take down a skilful monster. Evolve produced some of […]

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