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What I’ve Been Playing – Episode 7: Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories, Pokemon Go

Welcome to the weekly series, where I simply talk about what I’ve been playing. This week I’ve been playing Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories and Pokemon Go. I’d love to know what you’ve been playing below, and what you think of the games I’ve been playing. Jamiex66 can […]

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Tetris Effect Review

I absolutely love Tetris Effect, and I recommend it to both PlayStation VR owers and all players alike. Check out the VR gameplay captured in Tetris Effect above, alongside my in-depth thoughts on the game. Jamiex66 can be followed on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

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Finding Paradise Review

The original To the Moon is still one of my favourite narrative experiences, containing an emotional and heartfelt adventure that I still recall to this day. When I heard its sequel Finding Paradise was finally being released, I didn’t just go ‘to the moon’ I went over it […]

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