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‘Hitman’ Beta Impressions

Agent 47 is returning next month, as the Hitman franchise makes its debut on next generation platforms. The long running series has seen many changes throughout its history, but it’s easy to argue that the new episodic release structure of the upcoming installment is the biggest change yet. […]

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‘Rainbow Six Siege’ – The Postmortem

Rainbow Six Siege has been available for just under one month, and in Analog Addiction’s recent review we said “Rainbow Six Siege is easily the most strategic, intense shooter on the market and does the franchise proud.” Rainbow Six Siege may seem like a typical multiplayer based shooter, […]

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‘Rainbow Six Siege’ Closed Beta Impressions

Recently the Rainbow Six Siege closed beta was in full swing, with many terrorists eliminated, houses breached, and bombs defused. During that time a handful of Analog Addiction’s finest spent time participating in the extended beta, and will be sharing their in-depth opinions below. In this closed beta […]

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