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Freelance game journalist and music production graduate

Greenlight Spotlight: A Hat in Time

Developer Gears For Breakfast throw their hat into the ring… In my experience few game consoles can conjure up such a powerfully intoxicating sense of nostalgia as the Big N’s fifth-generation sensation, the Nintendo 64. The company’s first major foray into 3D visuals, the system launched in the UK […]

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Hotline Miami Review

Party in the city where the heat is on; all night on the beach ’til the break of dawn… Platforms: Microsoft Windows/OS X/Linux/PS3 & PS Vita Developer: Dennaton Games Publisher: Devolver Digital Genre: Action Platform Played: PlayStation 3 Burst through a door, knocking an unwary henchman flying. Cave his skull in with a pipe before […]

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Pikmin-Focused Nintendo Direct Airing Tomorrow

Hot on the heels of their Pre-E3 Nintendo Direct, the Big N has announced it will bring us yet another live presentation, broadcasting June 26, this time dedicated exclusively to Pikmin 3. The stream will commence at 8pm Tokyo time (1pm BST), and will feature legendary game designer and Pikmin […]

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E3 2013 – Our Impressions on Nintendo’s Conference

Find out what Analog Addiction Editors Michael Troina and Rob Gisbey thought about Nintendo’s controversial E3 presentation… The Electronic Entertainment Expo, commonly known as E3, has always been the biggest annual event in the game industry; where companies show off new systems, future plans, and of course new games. Nintendo, however, announced this year […]

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