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Hugh Simmonds

A plucky brit who's a passionate sports fan as well as an avid gamer.

Descriptions has varied from "tea-lover" and "Statto" all the way to being compared to Kris Akabusi..

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Next-Gen Controller Hands On

One of the most important parts of the console is the controller. With the PS4 and Xbox One just around the corner, and a couple of the editors here on Analog Addiction having finally gotten our hands on both controllers. Myself, PlayStation Editor George Sinclair and Xbox 360 […]

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Eurogamer Expo 2013: Forza 5 Hands On

Let’s get the obvious out of the way first, Forza is a beautiful game in every aspect, from the cars to the track. Driving around the Laguna Seca circuit in a Ford Focus RS, going down the iconic Corkscrew it’s a seriously pretty game. Beneath that exterior there’s […]

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Testimonials in Football Manager 2014

Today Sports Interactive’s studio director Miles Jacobson tweeted the first of his weekday announcements of new features in the studios upcoming title Football Manager 2014. Football Manager 2014 will have testimonials the tweet can be seen below: For those who don’t know, testimonials happen in football when a […]

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Football Manager 2014 Announced

Today Sports Interactive officially announced Football Manager 2014, which will have more than 1000 enhancements from its predecessor. Alongside a statement, Sports Interactive released a slew of images of the game. An official statement from Sports Interactive that: “In addition to enhanced gameplay, FM 2014 also delivers a range […]

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New GTA V Screenshots: The Fast Life

Today Rockstar via Rockstar Newswire unveiled 11 new screenshots from the hugely anticipated game GTA V. The screenshots can be seen below and see the three main protagonists in some very different situations with some callbacks to previous games. In addition, we will be getting the first proper […]

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Ashes Cricket 2013 Delayed To November

Today has seen publishers 505 Games announce the delay of the upcoming sports game Ashes Cricket 2013 game which was originally slated for release to coincide with the first Ashes series of 2013 which begun earlier this month in the UK. Last month the game had been delayed until […]

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