Let’s Chat – Are Review Scores a Good Thing?

Review scores give us a quick indication of one’s opinion of a game, but are we too reliant on a number score?

I’ve played many ‘7’s’ that were amazing to me, but perhaps seeing a lesser score has made you not play a game before?

I’d like to discuss review scores, their importance and potential hindrance.

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  1. I’m using video game scores for the moment as it helps me focus my reviews a little better. Once I get more comfortable, however, I think I’d prefer to either use a non-numeric scale (like rating based on emojis) or get rid of the numbers exactly. It’s so frustrating to determine how to whittle my experiences with a game down to a ten point scale. If I hate a game that people love and see the objectively good qualities, do I give it the 4/10 that I’d give it based on my experiences, or the 9/10 that it objectively deserves? Likewise, if I adore an objectively flawed game, how do I score that?

    I’m increasingly scoring based purely on my own level of enjoyment, as a person comes to my blog to see how much I enjoyed a game and I want my score to reflect it, but I worry about the day I need to give an acclaimed game a sub-par score and people won’t understand why. Reading the content of my review would still give a consumer the opportunity to see the good and bad elements of the game, but a lot of people will just scroll to the bottom and see the review score without any context.

    Sorry for the rambling, but this is definitely something I’ve worried about, myself, and needed to think about.


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