‘Peter Panic: Act 2’ Released for iOS

Musicals, mayhem and mini-games, oh my! Bizarre, indie mobile sensation Peter Panic is returning from intermission and back with Act 2, available for download on an iOS near you.

Released back in March of 2016 to a host of critical praise (featured in Variety, Wired, HardcoreGamer), Peter Panic is designer James Marion‘s first commercial game release. This classic musical theater story follows wide-eyed (and freshly graduated) Peter, a directing major who wants to bring theater back to his hometown. Upon discovering the disarray his community theater has been left in, Peter travels all over town, performing WarioWare inspired mini-games to convince as many people as he can to help him. Can Peter and his friends save the performing arts? Can you make it through the game without any of the original music getting stuck in your head? Did I mention there’s also a mysterious looming demon that you have to face!? Err…don’t worry about that last one, we’ve got so much more to do – the show must go on!


After much anticipation, the second half of this epic tale, Peter Panic: Act 2, has been released! The game is currently free to play on the App Store, with a $2.99 price tag if you’d like to save your progress. With the addition of Act 2, this amount of quality content more than justifies paying for the premium option of saving your progress.

Got those Broadway stars in your eyes? Still hungry for more? Check back soon for our review of Act 2. In the meantime, support your local theaters and game designers, and check out this fantastical musical romp, distributed by Adult Swim Games!

Rebeccah Bassell is an editor for Analog Addiction and a lover of all things games! You can like them on Facebook, follow her personal blog, The Rhetorical Gamer, or pretend to be her friend on Twitter. She might even pretend to be your friend back ❤


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