‘Hitman Episode 5’ Will Arrive Late September

Dust off your red tie and grab your suit from the cleaners. Io-Interactive just announced that the 5th episode of Hitman will be set amidst the rocky mountain backdrop of Colorado on September 27th.

In the penultimate episode of Hitman: Season One, players will resume their role as the the lethal assassin Agent 47, and infiltrate a Colorado farm compound that has been converted into a private militia training camp.  The infiltration mission will require them to locate and take out four targets.


Let’s be real, this will hurt you more than me.

Studio Head at Io-Interactive, Hannes Seifert, warned that the 5th episode is built to make players push themselves.

“This is one of the toughest episodes yet. Not only do you have four targets, but from the moment you set foot in Colorado you’re on enemy ground,” said Seifert. “‘Freedom Fighters’ is a key episode, which will add serious momentum to the story and set up an intriguing season finale for players.” 

The Colorado mission will add 70 different challenges, and a large array of new gear, weapons, and items to help gamers prepare themselves for the final mission, taking place in Japan later this year.

Are you ready to finish this and retire to a more peaceful life? Or will the time between Season One and Season Two be spent polishing your weapons? Steady your rifle and fire your thoughts at the comment section!

Devon McCarty will patiently await the full release of Season One before killing all of the people. Have questions for Devon?   You can hit him up on the Watch. Chat. Play! Facebook page , chat to Devon @DesignatedDevon, but don’t for one second think I don’t want you to drop some sweet love in the comment section below. And note that Analog Addiction doesn’t always reflect the views/humor of the Watch. Chat. Play! staff. No matter how funny they think they are.


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