‘Shadow Warrior 2’ Release Date Announced

Flying Wild Hog and Devolver Digital have announced that Shadow Warrior 2 will be released on October 13 on PC for $39.99 (A$45.99).

Pre-orders for the first-person shooter are now available. Pre-ordering via Steam, GOG, and Humble allow players to receive 10% off the price and get the exclusive ‘Razorback’ chainsaw katana.

Owners of Flying Wild Hog’s previous games, Shadow Warrior and Hard Reset Redux, will receive an additional 10% off the pre-order price.

If you’re a huge Shadow Warrior fan, the Shadow Warrior 2 Deluxe edition is also available for pre-order and includes the Shadow Warrior 2 soundtrack, the Art of Shadow Warrior 2 digital book, and the Solid Gold Pack that includes an exclusive gold co-op ninja skin, katana and MP7 gun.

Shadow Warrior 2 is a sequel to 2013’s Shadow Warrior reboot. The game features an open, vertically scalable world with procedural generation for some parts of the world. Shadow Warrior 2 will also feature four-player co-op, something the first game did not.

“The reception to each new bit of Shadow Warrior 2 that we share has been thrilling and our team is excited – and relieved – to finally share our work with the fans,” said Michal Szustak, Studio Director at Flying Wild Hog. “We think our small studio has accomplished something special with Shadow Warrior 2 and hope that both fans of the classic FPS and those that enjoy more modern shooters will enjoy the game.”

Shadow Warrior 2 will be playable at PAX West this weekend at Booth 2443. An exclusive PAX co-op ninja skin will be given to players.

Shadow Warrior 2 - Screen 4

Nathan Manning is an Xbox Editor for AnalogAddiction. You can talk games with him on Twitter @Nathan_M96 and follow @AnalogAddiction


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