Developer Plans for Three Seasons of ‘Hitman’

Hitman‘s current episodic season is still months away from its conclusion, but developer Io Interactive plans to continue the series with a possible second, and even third season.

The official Hitman Twitter account responded to a fan question in regards to a possible follow-up season of Hitman, stating “Of course, our plan is to have three seasons. Although Season Two hasn’t been confirm yet.”

It is worth noting that this is only the current plan, and as we know plans can most certainly change. As Hitman‘s second season has not been confirmed at this time, there is a chance a third season may not eventually occur; only time will tell.

It was recently revealed Hitman‘s fourth episode would see Agent 47 travel to Bangkok to eliminate indie band frontman, Jordan Cross. The latest episode of Hitman will launch next week, on August 16.

Hitman Episode 4 Bangkok Screen 3

Would you be excited to see more episodic Hitman seasons? Until then, check out AA’s latest episodic review of Hitman‘s initial season here.

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