New Details On The ‘NX’ Surface

Ready to go old school?

If the sources, as confirmed by Eurogamer are correct, we might be moving away from discs and digital content, in place of a cartridge based system.

LOZ Cartridge

Photo Credit: Eurogamer

As a child of the 80’s, I grew up with the NES system. I am part of the generation of gamer’s that knew if the game wasn’t working, you needed to fold it in your shirt, blow out the dust, and then try again. Currently, it’s all about Blu-Ray discs and digital content. So it’s very interesting to hear the rumors that Nintendo is going a little old school with their new tech.

NX System

Photo Cred: Eurogamer

According to the article, the NX will function as a handheld console with its own display. Which, if any of you own a Wii U or Ds/3DS, isn’t anything noteworthy. The intriguing part, is that the system is also rumored to be bordered by removable controllers on either side of the screen. When you get back to your house, or if you prefer to not leave the sanctity of your air conditioning, the system can connect to your TV, allowing you to take your gaming to your favorite flat-screen.

The transition from the road to the console has been sought after by many gamer’s. Who wouldn’t want  seamless transition from your home, to a trip somewhere, and easily hook the system to your closest TV screen?

What’s Under The Hood?

If you’re a gear head, this next part might be of interest.


Photo Cred: Eurogamer

Sources told Eurogamer, that Nintendo is using an entirely new operating system for their NX, harnessing the Nvidia’s “fastest and most powerful” mobile processor, Tegra. The goal here isn’t to push graphical technology like PlayStation and Microsoft tend to do. Instead, it would appear that Nintendo is attempting to make the aforementioned transition from handheld, to home screen, as easy as possible.

 No Game Left Behind

In a semi-strange move, considering the last two generations of the system, the NX will reportedly not support backward compatibility. The change in hardware, coupled with internal tech, makes it virtually impossible to let you take your already owned games with you. However, there is a chance that Nintendo may allow digital downloads to their new system. We’ve seen this work with Microsoft’s Xbox One backwards compatibility system, and it is not uncommon for companies to take notes out of a different companies playbook.

What do you guys think of these new rumors? Looking forward to an easy way to continue your game on the go and back at home? Wish Nintendo would stick with something more conventional? Let us know!

Devon McCarty misses the age of cartridge games. However, this system better not be $500. You can hit him up on the Watch. Chat. Play! Facebook page , chat to Devon @DesignatedDevon via Twitter or just drop some sweet comment love here.


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    • We’re sick of waiting for a formal announcement. There are only so many speculative articles a guy can write. It’ll for sure be interesting to see, and we hope the transition from home, to the road, and back again is a national piece of cake.

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