‘Resident Evil 7 Demo’ Video Impressions

Your eyes are blurry and strain to focus in the dim lit room. It smells of mildew and rotting food. Your head is splitting from a wound you don’t remember getting. How long have you been in this chair? Your knees are weak, eyes are heavy. There’s vomit on your sweater already, mom’s spaghetti. Wait. That’s Eminem. Sorry, got caught up in the moment, there. Back on topic to Beginning Hour, Resident Evil 7‘s demo.

Resident Evil has made a name by forcing you to look at things you don’t want to look at. So one of the biggest surprises from E3 2016, was that the entirety of Resident Evil 7, can be played through VR. An additional announcement was made that a new demo for the game was available for download now. I took it upon myself to take it for a spin and experience the multiple outcomes that take place throughout the short tech demo. Be warned, there are some spoilers from the first “layer” of the games playthrough. I take you through almost the entire thing, with the exception of the VHS tape that I want you to experience for yourself. If you want to remain spoiler free, ignore this and go play the demo. If not, enjoy the video.

Resident Evil 7 Teaser: Beginning Hour_20160616235725

Resident Evil 7 Teaser: Beginning Hour

I can say without question that this game is a short fun burst of horror. If you like anticipation, second guessing your decisions, and wishing you were in a full suit of armor as you turn every corner, this is a demo you should download and play. There are several outcomes depending on what you uncover throughout the game, primarily during a VHS tape you discover and watch. Which is really where this game shines the most. I haven’t had this much fun playing a horror game since Until Dawn.

Devon McCarty will neither confirm nor deny whether or not he screamed during the demo. You can hit him up on the Watch. Chat. Play! Facebook page , chat to Devon @DesignatedDevon, but don’t for one second think I don’t want you to drop some sweet love in the comment section below.


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