E3 2016: Four Player Battle Mode Revealed In New Pokemon Sun and Moon Trailer

A new trailer for Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon has revealed a new four player free-for-all battle mode called Battle Royal, as well as three new pokemon in the game.

During its Nintendo Treehouse Live event at E3 2016, GameFreak’s Mr. Ohmori and Mr. Masuda explained that each player chooses up to three pokemon, battling with one at a time. The battle is over when one trainer loses all of their pokemon. Players select a move, and then choose a pokemon to attack. To determine a winner the game tallies up how many pokemon each person defeated, and who has the most pokemon left, with the person with the highest number being declared the winner.

During the live event, an early part of the game was also shown, detailing some changes coming to the game and battle system. The biggest changes are taking place in the battle system. Battles now feel more immersive with the trainer depicted on the screen standing behind their pokemon, and dynamic camera angles show off the battle from different angles when in an idle state.

Pokemon sun and moon battle screen 1

The placement of menus on the touch screen has also been altered, with the fight options moved to the left and pokemon and bag moved to the right. In the middle is 2D representation of the fighting pokemon, and clicking on them brings up current stat changes telling you where a pokemon has increased or decreased stats, for example of “growl” has been used to lower attack. The developers said it was done to make the game more accessible, rather than players being required to keep track of stat changes in their head. This accessibility is further expressed when choosing which moves to use. If you’ve used a move on the same pokemon before, the game will tell you where that move is effect, super effective or not effective at all.

Pokemon sun and moon fight options

You can watch the full 42 minute demonstration on the Nintendo YouTube channel.

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon will be available on Nintendo 3DS and Nitendo 2DS on November 18, 2016.

Nathan Manning is an Xbox Editor for AnalogAddiction. The last Pokemon game he finished was Pokemon Soul Sapphire on the Nintendo DS. You can find him on Twitter @Nathan_M96 and follow @AnalogAddiction.


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