E3 2016 Xbox

E3 2016: Xbox Live Expanding With Clubs And Arena

In its E3 2016 conference, Microsoft announced that it’s Xbox Live service will be expanding with the addition of Clubs and a new Xbox Arena.

The new clubs feature announced is said to enable players to band together in clubs, based on common links such as geographic location or a common relation. Examples of groups shown off were ‘Minecraft Creators’ and ‘Divison Agents in LA’. It’s said to be allow players to come together in a more social aspect and interact on a personal level, I’m all for it!

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To facilitate the introduction of clubs, Microsoft also announced a new feature dubbed, Looking for Group. This feature will help players find groups to join while gaming. It’s all a part of making Xbox more social.

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The other half announced was an Xbox Arena program, that is set to allow for competitive gaming. FIFA was revealed to become a part of the new program in the upcoming years.


Xbox also confirmed that fan feature Background music is set to be coming to Xbox.



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