E3 2016: ‘The Walking Dead’ Season Three Teaser Trailer, Screens Released

Telltale has revealed the first sneak peak of the third season of The Walking Dead, which is set to launch “this fall”.

Telltale released the debut trailer and first batch of screenshots during an exclusive reveal with IGN, offering the first sneak peek at an older Clementine. Those who finished The Walking Dead‘s second season would know the ending seemed to conclude Clementine’s journey, but season three will continue her story in The Walking Dead universe.

Clementine will be joined by Javier, a young man who will join Clementine during her adventure. Telltale stated that this is a “new story as much as it is a continuation of Season One and Two”, which allows players that have not experienced the first two seasons to jump in with Season Three and know exactly what is going on. Those with previous save files will be able to carry over their decisions over the last two seasons, allowing a deeper meaning to the events taking place, but it is not necessary.

Players will take control of both Javier and Clementine over the course of the season, but Telltale has not revealed the details on how it will work during the series; perhaps in a similar vein to Tales from the Borderlands?

Analog Addiction will have a lot more on The Walking Dead Season Three before its launch. Excited to see the return of Clementine?

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