Opinion: Overwatch Might Just Reshape Retail Gaming


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  1. I have heard of Overwatch before and it is actually sounding pretty fun. I have noticed that a lot of people are playing it and having fun. I really got to check out and see what kinds of changes they are making in gaming.


    • The game is a whole lot of fun with your friends, but the game play itself isn’t really the change.

      The change was more the way they released the game a day early, as opposed to a standard midnight release.


  2. “And then legions of nerds have their mom drive them to whatever video game retailer is nearest to them for purchase.”

    Glad you respect gamers so much.



    • Catchy name there, Anonymous.

      As one of the kids who grew up being taken to Toys-R-Us and other game stores by my mom, I held no offence to that statement and thought it was pretty funny. Did you know you’re allowed to read things without getting offended?



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