Unboxing the ‘Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End’ Collector’s Edition

Naughty Dog has held a special place in the hearts of most gamer’s since the late 1990’s. Crash Bandicoot will come up in virtually any conversation trending back to the favorite memories of a gamer. Its Uncharted series, appropriately named, took them into new terrain with graphics, platforming, and cinematic events. And I can say all of these things as a kid that was born in the late 80’s, that grew up playing the first Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Brothers games that came out, and becoming totally star struck at what the team at Naughty Dog have created. But is the Uncharted Collectors Edition worth YOUR time and money? Check out our unboxing video to see for sure!

For me, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End marks the end of a journey I have been on for the better part of a decade, which is why the title may have more of an impact for me than anyone else. It also stands as the reason I didn’t second guess buying the Collector’s Edition of the game. If this be my last ride with Nathan Drake, may no stone go unturned, treasure left unfound, bad guy left unshot, and witty pun uncracked.

I definitely look forward to the journey that lay ahead, and I genuinely plan to Platinum this game to ensure I’ve experienced every part available to me. Good luck out there, and I hope to see you in the multiplayer!

Devon McCarty couldn’t be more excited to kill all of the badguys and find all of the treasure in Uncharted 4.  You can hit him up on the Watch. Chat. Play! Facebook page, chat to Devon @DesignatedDevon, or Cameron @Lithoris  but don’t for one second think I don’t want you to drop some sweet love in the comment section below. And note that Analog Addiction doesn’t always reflect the views/humor of the Watch. Chat. Play! staff. No matter how funny they think they are.


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