‘The Legend of Zelda’ Coming March 2017 On Wii U And NX

In the same recent fiscal earnings call that saw the announcement of the upcoming NX console launch window, Nintendo additionally announced some news regarding its latest Zelda video game.

The announcement saw the release date of the Wii U Exclusive The Legend of Zelda, as it was codenamed back in 2014, pushed back to March 2017. It was also revealed that the untitled Zelda game is set to be released on both Nintendo Wii U and Nintendo’s upcoming home console, codenamed NX. The reasoning for delays is said is to allow the developers to polish the game.


Nintendo additionally announced that it will be changing its approach to E3 this year by focusing its efforts on showcasing the upcoming Zelda title. The Legend of Zelda will be playable for the first time on the E3 show floor and will be the only playable Nintendo game presented at the show.

The upcoming Legend of Zelda title was revealed in a Nintendo Direct stream back in 2013 and was said to be starting development. For more information on what else was announced at the fiscal earnings call visit the Nintendo of Japan website here.

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