Gaming Goofs — Our Funniest Moments

Humor in video games wears many faces. It can appear in the form of Portal 2’s clever dialogue, an unintentionally hilarious glitch from the likes of Fallout or Elder Scrolls, or taking a friend’s victory away at the last second in Mario Kart

We’ve all had our tear-inducing moments of laughter while playing our favorite games, and these are just some of the moments the Analog Addiction staff has shared.

Launch Game lolz

— Devon McCarty

Battlefield 3 tank

The launch of any multiplayer shooter is usually accompanied by glitches, and Battlefield 3 was no exception.

I grabbed the game at launch and dove right into multiplayer. It wasn’t until I dropped into Firestorm’s massive map that I ran into my favorite glitch of all time.

Apparently the physics mechanic on tanks wasn’t perfect, so I remember starting a match and heading across the map with my team to clash into the other. Someone from the other team got there first, planted C-4 and detonated it as the tank drove across.  It didn’t explode; it was rocketed out of the friggen game. I can’t remember how long it took that driver to actually die and respawn, but it was pretty amazing.

I had to stop playing for a few moments just to recompose after laughing so hard.

Halo From the Other Side

— Nathan Manning

Some of my favourite moments come from playing custom maps and game types on Halo: Reach through Forge mode. The Halo: Reach community was very active when it came to creating new maps and game types, and the system was very easy to operate.

In particular, my most-fond memory comes from a game type called “Speed Halo.” Players would start at the top of a really steep ramp, jump in Warthogs and proceed down the ramp. Meanwhile, one person would start at the bottom of the ramp with a Gravity Hammer and Energy Sword. This was an infection game type, so the infected person down the bottom of the ramp had to try and kill the players driving down it in the Warthogs. The catch was that when players got to the bottom of the ramp they’d go through a teleporter and appear at the top of the ramp again, maintaining their speed. The result was Warthogs continually increasing in speed the more times they reached the bottom.

This was funny because of two reasons. Firstly, the Warthogs would eventually get so fast that they could run over the infected person before they could swing their Gravity Hammer (or even realize that they were about to be hit). Secondly, going at such high speeds, one touch from the Gravity Hammer would send the Warthogs spinning out of control, but often still moving downwards. This would lead to uncontrollable Warthogs flying down the ramp, often running over the infected players again.

It’s a game type that you had to see to find it hilarious, so take my word on it. One of my favourite parts about Halo: Reach was the fact that new game types like these were being made all the time.

WWE-ird Glitches

— Jamie Briggs

The WWE series has always provided countless hours of epic local multiplayer fun, but it also delivered some of the most hilarious and unworldly glitches in my entire gaming history. One night in particular comes to mind when four friends and myself decided to have a night of local wrestling action, booting up WWE 2K14 on PlayStation 3.

WWE 2K14 is easily one of the most glitch-filled games I have ever played, but these glitches also made matches much more entertaining. You never knew when your superstar would melt into the ring, find themselves floating above the match or simply find themselves stuck in the crowd (which obviously was not meant to happen).

I still remember one moment when Sin Cara was attempting to deliver a weapon finisher only to find himself crumpled like an accordion as his body torqued and twisted in unbelievable fashion. It was a mixture of superstar, chair and ring all clumped together in a massive ball of glitch goodness.

Another favourite moment is when the weapon your superstar is holding decides to become one with its host, leaving the superstar with a chair/sledgehammer or more instead of a hand. Watching Batista reign down blows using his chair hand is not only one of the most memorable moments I have ever experienced in gaming, but throughout my entire life. But sadly it didn’t take long until that weapon catapulted from his arm, flying into the rafters of the arena never to be seen again.

If you want an amazing night of local multiplayer, do not go past WWE 2K14.

(Perfect) Dark Comedy

— Eric Pepper

Perfect Dark

Perfect Dark not only swallowed countless hours of my childhood, but also provided a great number of comedic moments completely unintentionally.

During one of my many Combat Simulator matches, I jokingly decided to jump on my friend’s head while he was using an elevator in the Base level. I simply planned on camping atop his cranium for a bit, but when the elevator reached the top of the lift and began descending, we were both shocked to find we were not moving downwards with the elevator platform. When the elevator platform began moving upwards again, the two of us watched in awe as our characters moved upwards, now floating up towards the ceiling as if the elevator platform were still directly below my friend’s feet. Wondering just how long this would go on for, we put our controllers down and stared at the television as we ascended through the ceiling and above the map itself, going so far up that we saw nothing but darkness.

In another Combat Simulator match, my friends and I began taking full advantage of the Temple’s hole in the floor. While it had existed in Goldeneye, you couldn’t fall through the gap, whereas Rare had changed that for Perfect Dark. I had one friend stand on the bottom floor as I attempted to land directly on his head from the level above. It took numerous attempts, but eventually I was successful. A third friend then followed suit, and we created a three-person totem pole. As good friends do, I then shot the first friend as he stood there helpless, but my living friend and I remained where we were, floating in the air. When we realized this, the deceased player respawned and jumped atop the third player and we repeated the cycle, constantly killing the bottom player and moving our tower of characters higher into the air. Eventually we managed to get our characters up to the hole in the Temple floor.

Very few things in gaming are as entertaining as that first sight of Elvis’ head peeking up from a hole in the floor while floating 20 or 30 feet above ground.

Shadow of Mor-derp

— Robbie Key

Middle earth Shadow of Mordor - Black Captain

I’ve had too many hilarious moments in video games to keep up with, especially with my two cousins, but I’ll never forget what happened when I was reviewing Shadow of Mordor for Analog Addiction.

As some of you know, Shadow of Mordor has a feature called the nemeses system, which gives bosses randomly generated traits. Traits can be anything from being immune to taking damage from arrows to being weaker against stealth attacks and/or fearing hound-like beasts.

I was chasing down an Uruk boss who was prone to fire, something I didn’t pay much attention to as I drew closer to my prey. After fighting this Uruk for a minute or two, his health got to a low-enough point to where he was prompted to run away. Before doing so, the Uruk yelled something along the lines of “Next time ranger! Next time!” to let me know he would be coming after me for revenge.

There was no next time.

Instead, the Uruk turned around and ran straight into a fire where he instantly died.

I only have two regrets during this moment: That I didn’t get to see if the Uruk would indeed stand a chance during our next bout and, non-sarcastically speaking, forgetting to record it because I was too busy busting my gut from laughing so hard.

Oh, and I can never get enough of YouTuber videogamedunkey’s “exclusive demo” of Uncharted 4.


Have a hilarious moment from your gaming career? We know you do, so tell us about it in the comments section below.

Robbie Key is the Nintendo editor for Analog Addiction, assistant news editor at The Daily Sentinel and former editor-in-chief of The Pine Log at Stephen F. Austin State University, where he is now an alumnus. Follow his “completely relevant” Twitter updates and view his LinkedIn profile.


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  1. During my playthrough of the Witcher 3, I was enjoying ordinary scene and then I saw Zoltan, Geralt’s dwarf appear in a chair, but wasn’t there before! He wasn’t talking, moving or even blinking during the scene. Then, in walks Zoltan! Here is the link to the glitch.

    This had me rolling so hard; holy hell, it was hilarious!!


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