PlayStation 4 3.50 Software Update Launches Today

PlayStation 4 owners can download the 3.50 software update later today, which includes some highly requested player features.

The PlayStation 4 3.50 software update will be able to download very soon, offering new ways to share gameplay with friends, easier ways to join your friends online and the highly requested ability to appear offline (Yes!).

Players can simply access their profile and change their Online Status to Appear Offline, alongside now being able to control if you are notified when friends come online – which can be individually managed, or simply select or deselect your friends entire list.

Players can also now schedule gameplay sessions with friends utilising the Events tab, with the ability to select individual friends, or Groups, allowing those in the Event to instantly join the event when it goes live; as well as the ability to instantly join the multiplayer sessions of other party members.

Another big feature of the 3.50 software update is the ability to use PlayStation 4’s Remote Play functionality on PC and Mac. The new feature is compatible with Windows 8.1, Windows 10 or later, OS X 10.10 and OS X 10.11, with the ability to change resolution and frame rate settings.

The 3.50 software update includes many other interesting new features, such as the ability to broadcast to Dailymotion, instant access to the status of the PlayStation Network and much, much more. Check out the PlayStation Blog rundown for information on each new feature of the 3.50 update, and let us know which feature you are most excited to try.

PlayStation 4 3.50 Update Remote Play

Any features you wish were available on the PlayStation 4? Let AA know in the comments below.

(Image credit to the PlayStation Blog)

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