New ‘Mario Maker’ Update Brings Items, Harder Difficulty

Nintendo has unveiled a new update to it’s highly popular Super Mario Maker for the Nintendo Wii U. The latest update brings additional items, modes and features making the game even more fun for the player to create, share and play levels from around the world.

Super Mario Maker March Update (3)

The update is said to be packed with new items from previous games particularly from Super Mario World for the SNES. The Key item from Super Mario World gives the player and level creators the ability to add keys and key doors to block or give access to different parts of the level. The Spike Pillar obstacle, which slams down from wherever it is placed, is also there to provide level creators the ability to create unique, challenging new levels.

Super Mario Maker launched in 2015 to critical acclaim and praise. It allows players and fans of the Mario series to create and share new levels and challenges using classic and new Mario assets. Since it’s release the game has accumulated a staggering 6.2 million different user-created playable courses, that have been played more than 400 million times as of January 2016.

For fans of the series it’s a must play, check out the update trailer below:

The new update also contains a new difficulty for experienced players. The new difficulty dubbed “Super Expert”, which will also be added to the 100 Mario Challenge, pulls random courses that have been labelled as being ‘Super Expert’ after their publication. When a player completes the 100 Mario challenge on this new difficulty, they will gain the ability to win new costumes.

Mario Maker March Up

The Super Mario Maker website now also allows users to sort and search for levels using their smart device or web browser and display Super Mario Maker world record players.

Super Mario Maker is available on Nintendo Wii U. For More information check out the official website here.


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