‘Stella Glow’ Released for Nintendo 3DS

NIS has announced that it’s new strategy RPG, Stella Glow, is now available both digitally and physically for the Nintendo 3DS. The game is developed by Imageepoch and published by Atlus.

Players assume the role of the game’s protagonist, Alto, a country boy in a small town who joins the 9th regiment with the purpose of gathering witches to overthrow Hilda, the witch of destruction. This comes after Alto is drawn to a song coming from the forest where Hilda, the main antagonist, is found to be hellbent on destroying the world with her Harbingers. Alto must work with the Royal Knights and use magic to help defeat the evil witch, Hilda.

Additionally, the launch trailer for Stella Glow was released:

Stella Glow combines solid strategy gameplay with a lengthy 40-60 hour story mode to deliver a unique tale. The game also features a soundtrack with over 20 songs composed by iconic artist Yasunori Mitsuda, known for his work on Chrono Trigger and Xenogears.

Stella Glow is now available for Nintendo 3DS owners both digitally and physically. For more information visit the official website here.

Kosta Canatselis is an editor for Analog Addiction. You can like them on Facebook.


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