‘Hyperide’ Review

Platforms: Google Play Store and iTunes
Developer/Publisher: Kool2Play
Genre: Arcade  Played: Android LG G2

Endless arcade style mobile games aren’t going away any time soon. People seem more willing than ever before to grab a free game that can kill those troublesome moments waiting for a bus or the light to turn green. Enter Hyperide, a free mobile game available to both Android and iTunes devices that looks great but unfortunately never took me out of this world.

This good looking and well coded space game has a lot going for it. The visuals are great and each of the unlock-able ships look unique in their own right. They even handle  a little differently as you unlock them. The meteors, astronauts, and warp zones have their own unique qualities (even multicultural dialect of astronauts) and do a great job of hooking you into the game.


Those things aside, there are three things that keep this game from being a must download: 1) No weapons. 2) No vertical movement. 3) Constant attempt to get access to my personal information. I’ll start with the first two complaints because the third is more of an infuriated rant.

This might be reaching back to my old school arcade roots, but if I’m flying a ship through a meteor field, I better be able to do more than dodge left or right. Give me some weapons that can be upgraded so much I can eventually unleash a nuke  and clear the entire map at once. That would encourage longer game play in pursuit of unlock-ables.

Also, moving left and right is fluid and necessary, but I can’t tell you how many times Vertical movement would have absolutely make this game shine. There are meteors of all sizes, moving at different speeds, and mixed within them are collectibles and astronauts(dogs) to save. Only moving left and right didn’t make me feel challenged, it made me feel chained. Made me feel frustrated and restricted. I can’t tell you how many times I got mad enough to quit playing just because I knew that letting me fly diagonally toward the bottom of the screen to catch something and then cut left and boost up would have been way more gratifying than anything else I had done in the game. It is a very noticeable thing to be missing from a game like this.


This, fortunately, is only the second mobile game I have reviewed that has constantly asked me to give them access to my E-mail and other information. It wasn’t acceptable then, and it isn’t acceptable now. The advertisements I can handle, as every developer needs to pay bills. I get that. $0.99 could make the ads go away. But every single time I load up the game, the same alert message is waiting for me, asking me to grant permissions. You can select Cancel, only to be greeted by a secondary alert window, from which you can click cancel as well. But get used to it, because unless you give in, you’ll be doing it every single time. Gamer to Gamer, a free game doesn’t warrant access to my information. Especially since you’re making money every time I die and look at an advertisement anyway.


Overall, Hyperide gets a lot more right than it does wrong, but the wrongs are so big it detracts from the experience of the game. This is definitely a good time killer if you’re alright with constantly saying “cancel” when the prompt asks to look through your contact list, but the lack of mobility and weapons keep this game from truly being out of this world.

The Good

  • Old school Arcade Feel
  • Great Visuals
  • Unlock-ables
  • No online required
  • Strong coding

The Bad

  • Lack of movement options
  • No weapon system
  • Infuriating attempts to gain access to personal information.
  • Ads pop up right at inappropriate times to force clicks.

The Score: 7.5


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