AA Roundtable: Continued, Rebooted, or Remastered.

Throw back Thursday, 8-bit arcade bar’s, and constant rebooted remakes of a remade film. A not-so-new trend is growing in our lifetime. While some argue that trend is due to a lack of new writers or people wanting to live in the past, I think it is more likely that Hollywood and big software publishers are trying to make safer plays with their investment money. “It worked in the past, it should work again.” Regardless of what you believe, the trend of reboots and remastered properties isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

But is that bad?

Here at Analog Addiction, we love us some video games. Be they old, new, or forthcoming; we can’t wait to get our hands on them. In our latest AA RoundTable the crew and I discuss what video games we would want continued, rebooted, or remastered for our current consoles.

Hope Hornsby – Dragon Age: Origins

Treatment: Remastered

Rationale: I know a lot of console players weren’t wild about Origins, but as the first Bioware game I came to, it swept me off my feet. The story, the characters, the lore, all of it just kind of stole my heart. Even some of the glitches are endearing, I’m not going to lie. I don’t want a direct sequel, because I like that my warden’s story remains unfinished, and I don’t want a reboot because as far as I’m concerned, they did it right the first time.

But if you gave me Inquisition graphics and the Origins story line, I may never leave my desktop again. That said, I’d also like the warden to remain a silent protagonist. From what I’ve heard however, updating the game would mean using an entirely new engine and changing a ton, so if my ideal scenario can’t come to pass, perhaps it’s best to let sleeping dragons lie.

Dragon Age.jpg

Eric PepperJet Force Gemini

Treatment: Next Gen Sequel

Rationale: Many gamer’s may have been introduced to the original Jet Force Gemini through the recently released Rare Replay, making this the perfect opportunity for Rare to revitalize the classic title. Given its inclusion in the aforementioned collection, there’s no need to have a remastered version. A sequel or even spiritual successor following different protagonists would be phenomenal on modern consoles. Upgraded control schemes and visuals while maintaining those same vast planets, the drop-in/drop-out co-op, playing as multiple characters all with unique abilities, and the expansive arsenal of weapons would all do wonders for the IP.

It would be nice to follow Juno, Vela, and Lupus again, but it would be tough to pitch a compelling story involving the same trio that compares in scale to the original. Keeping the furry Tribals is an absolute must if the title were to receive a sequel as they provide an immense amount of charm but also create a great degree of tension while attempting to rescue all of them. Jet Force Gemini had been absent from the gaming landscape for 16 years before reappearing in Rare Replay, although it wasn’t a full remastering of the game. Given the modern game development treatment, I fully believe that a sequel to Jet Force Gemini could be a blockbuster AAA title.

Jet Force Jemini.jpg

Nathan Manning  – Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

Treatment: Remastered or a Sequel

Rationale: I don’t care what form it comes in, I just want more Kingdoms of Amalur. The game is one of my personal favorites from last generation, and it was not experienced by enough people (hence the studio closing down). It’s such a tragedy too because it means we probably never will see a sequel or remaster because EA does not think there is enough demand for it. It’s also worth noting that last we had heard, Rhode Island still held the rights to a sequel.

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is such an amazing game across the board. The world had a deep lore and interesting characters, and every environment looked gorgeous. However, my favorite part about KOA was the combat, and how easy it was to change your play-style. KOA had some of the best action-RPG combat I’ve ever experienced. It was fast paced and made you feel like a badass. The skill system also allowed you to reset your skill trees for a small fee so you could craft your character in different ways whenever you wanted. I’m very well against remasters because I think resources could be spent elsewhere, but I’d be willing to make an exception for Reckoning.


Jamie BriggsBanjo Kazooie

Treatment: Next Generation Sequel

Rationale: Like many gamer’s from the 90’s I loved Banjo Kazooie on the Nintendo 64. It was such a momentous title, that provided some excellent open world levels, a memorable soundtrack, and a lovable cast of characters; to simply list everything Banjo Kazooie did right would take too long. Which still leaves me speechless to say…there has been no actual (Nuts and Bolts does not count) third installment in the beloved Banjo Kazooie franchise. So why not bring Banjo back on Xbox One?

The mascot platformer/open world genre is alive and well, with huge excitement for the upcoming Ratchet & Clank reboot, the millions Yooka Laylee was able to raise on Kickstarter, and even the constant requests for a new Jak & Daxter release. There is no reason why Banjo and Kazooie should not come to the Xbox One in an official third installment; Banjo-Threeie anyone?

Banjo and Kazooie are one of the most beloved pairings in the industry and it’s a sad day that such a strong franchise is left on the bench. While we are at it, let’s also bring back Crash Bandicoot, Spyro the Dragon and many more, in real next generation releases. Who’s with me?


Robert KeyEither Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic I & II or KOTOR III

Treatment: Next Gen Remaster/Sequel

Rationale: I had major Star Wars fever for a while before The Force Awakens finally hit theaters. The fever continued after I watched it twice (and soon to be viewing No. 3), which prompted me to boot up the first Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, and I’ll likely start the sequel afterward. In the most important ways, the game still holds up incredibly well. The unique combination of Dungeons & Dragons mechanics, action/turn-based gameplay hybrid and story are still amazing to this day.

However, both games have also not aged quite as gracefully in at least a few areas. There isn’t much NPC alien variety when compared to the movies, many NPC faces and alien languages look and sound exactly the same (don’t get me started on how hilariously long it takes Zalbaar the Wookie to say “Goodbye.”), the lack of a real fast travel system is sometimes dreadful when doing quests and the game could use a better tutorial to explain certain aspects in building characters.

I strongly believe a full remake of both KOTOR games and/or a true sequel are deserving and would be highly welcomed by Star Wars fans or those simply looking for a fantastic RPG. Either one — preferably both of course — is possible with EA owning both the rights to making new Star Wars games and Bioware, the developing studio of the original KOTOR. This fan of the galaxy far, far away would be ecstatic for more KOTOR.


Devon McCartyLegend of Dragoon

Treatment: Next Gen sequel.

Rationale: The Legend of Dragoon is definitely one of my all time favorite games. The characters were great, the concept of dragons eyes becoming your key to an entire suit of armor was and powers was something I hadn’t experienced yet in a video game and I found it awesome! I loved the story and the concept that the different elemental dragons would have a direct effect on the way you experience those abilities. I joined the RPG scene of gaming way later than any of my friends did. I started very slowly, borrowing games like Chrono trigger and Final Fantasy just to get my feet wet. Then, one day I was looking through his stuff and came across Dragoon.

I would not want either remake or reboot. Those memories are saved in my brain and I don’t think playing through the story again would do it any justice. I want to leave the past right where it is. I would much rather see a sequel to the property. Let them pickup the story with Dart, its lead, explaining to his great grandson on his death bed about the suit of armor. And then obviously have everyone die and pickup the story from there. Maybe even take the new protagonist on a journey that puts him/her in touch with some of the classic characters of the original or even their offspring. Kongol was the last of the Gianto, is he still out there? King’s don’t let their linage die off so I’m sure someone in Albert’s line is ruling somewhere. I would love to see those continuations but only for small references and cameos. The new team should be just that.

Rebooting it seems dangerous because I so loved the original story that I don’t want to just jump back into the world, I want that story continued. I have always loved bloodline continuation stories. Something about them just feels epic and powerful. If they were to just do away with the original I would feel cheated. And now, they could add so many more elements to that game. Character customization, drop-in/drop-out options, dialogue choices and so many more possibilities.   I know the chances are slight with such a niche game, but the second they announce anything like that coming to PlayStation 4, I would buy it in a heart beat.


Those are the games we want to see again, whatever form they may take. But the conversation doesn’t end there. We want to know what would like to see remastered or even continued. Leave a comment below, or on the post on Facebook or Twitter!


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