‘HITMAN’ Changes To Episodic Release Schedule

The new HITMAN has been turned into an episodic game. In a press release on January 14, developer Io-Interactive announced that players will now have the option to purchase the full game in a season pass-like model, or buy each location as it releases individually. When the game launches digitally on March 11, an Intro Pack will be available for $15. It contains the Prologue and Paris levels.

Each subsequent location, which will be released monthly starting with Italy in April and then Morocco in May, will be priced at $10 as an add-on to the Intro Pack. Thailand, the US and Japan are also planned, but no set months have been set for their release.

Next Hitman

The Paris level

However, players can also spend $60 USD (or local equivalent) to buy the “Full Experience” which includes all of this year’s content as it is released. It’s essentially a Season Pass.

“We decided to take the full leap and publish HITMAN as a truly episodic game experience,”said Hannes Seifert, Head of Studio at Io-Interactive. “Part of that decision is for that little bit of extra time to ensure every location we release is at the quality level fitting for a HITMAN game. But the main driving reason is that this will allow us to create a living game that will expand and evolve over time and establish a foundation for the future – this is the first game in a storyline which will continue and expand with future Hitman games.”

PlayStation 4 users will still gain access to previously announced exclusive content, The Sarajevo Six, and the beta from February 12th.

The HITMAN reboot was only announced in mid-2015 at E3. In September, 2015, Io-Interactive demonstrated the Paris level in a gameplay walkthrough.

A disc version of HITMAN will ship at the end of 2016, presumably once all of the season’s locations have been released.

Editors note: This essentially changes nothing about the game’s content, just the way it is being released. From interpreting the information, players who purchase the Full Experience will still receive the content the way it was originally going to be released, on a monthly basis. The new model just allows other players to test out the first couple of levels and decide whether they want more each month.

Nathan Manning is an Xbox Editor for AnalogAddiction. You can find him on Twitter and AnalogAddiction there as well.


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