‘The Crew Wild Run’ Expansion Now Available

The first expansion for Ubisoft’s open-world racing MMO The Crew is now available. Titled The Crew Wild Run, the expansion features four new vehicle types (dragsters, drift cars, monster trucks and motorcycles), as well as a new challenge called The Summit.

Two Summit Qualifiers will be available every week and give players a chance to qualify for the Monthly Summit Finale. Winners of the Finale will be rewarded with an exclusive new vehicle.

However, if you own The Crew and don’t want to purchase the expansion pack, there is a free update which includes updated graphics, new lighting effects, redesigned areas adapted for all types of vehicles, and a new weather system.

Further, Ubisoft has updated the free trial version of The Crew which is accessible to everyone. It gives you two hours of gameplay on all platforms (Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox 360), allowing players to complete the game’s prologue, explore the United States, and start the campaign. In those two hours players will also be able to participate in events that allow them to test out the new vehicles from the Wild Run expansion.

The Crew Wild Run is available digitally today, or in stores on November 19. Xbox 360 owners will not have access to the expansion as it is only available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

Just last month, Ubisoft announced that they had acquired The Crew developer Ivory Tower.

In our review of The Crew last year, we praised the variety of the car classes, event types and locations.

Nathan Manning is an Xbox Editor for AnalogAddiction. He is only critical on the Xbox brand because he has a love for it. You can find him on Twitter and AnalogAddiction there as well.


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