‘Platform Tower’ Review

Platform Tower

Platforms: Apple iTunes / Google Play Store
Developer/Publisher: Game5mobile
Genre: Puzzle Solving Platform Played: Android LG G2

Platform Tower will definitely challenge fans of the ever-popular endless climber App. While Game5Mobile does a great job in using variation of difficulty with each attempt, it fails to hold attention and reward gamers with new unlockables. Most importantly, it mercilessly tries to gain access to your personal information.

Platform Tower starts off easy enough. You either quickly tap for short jumps or hold your finger down for longer jumps as you climb the tower. Platforms of differing sizes and stability cross from either direction for you to jump on and ride until you can jump to another. Stay on a platform too long and you hit spikes that run the entirety of either wall and die. Miss a platform and you die. Break through glass and die. Touch Fire and die. See bats and die..etc.


Each platform earns you a coin that can later be used to unlock new characters. Some of the Characters are simply cosmetic, while others have abilities like, “Immune to spikes,” “Won’t break through the glass”, “Second Chance” and more. The time it takes to earn the coins aren’t quite worth the benefit of unlocking them and I found myself getting bored with the game long before I decided to unlock more characters.

While Game5mobile did an excellent job in making their jump mechanic quick and responsive, and the varying size, speed and direction of the platforms enough to keep you on your toes, their biggest shortcoming was their constant attempts to get at my personal information. Not only do they run you through two separate screens asking for permission to access your account. They run you through the same two alert windows each time the game loads up, and several times while I was playing the game, I would die, and instead if it respawning me with an Advertisement, it would instead ask me again for access to my personal information.

No, you may not.

No, you may not.

To be totally honest, that is a deal breaker for me in almost every situation. A free game doesn’t warrant access to my personal contact lists or access to my storage devices through USB.


Platform Tower is a good way to kill some down time. With responsive button presses and lots of skins to unlock, this is a game that might strike the right chord with a lot of gamers. Personally, the repetition of the game and constant attempts at gaining access to my personal information was a deal breaker and a reason that once I finish this review, I will be deleting this app for good.

The Good

  • Responsive coding
  • Several unlock-able characters
  • Platform pattern changes each respawn

The Bad

  • Relentless attempts to access personal information
  • Majority of unlockables have no bonus skill
  • Repetition of game play gets stale quickly

The Score: 6.5


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