‘PolyBlast’ Review


Platforms: Apple iTunes and Google Play Store
Developer/Publisher Game Cooks
Genre Puzzle Solving Platform Played Android LG G2

PolyBlast is sure to be addictive with “mobile tap gamers” that live off of repetition and perfection. While Game Cooks’ latest submission into the mobile app market didn’t hold enough power to draw my fingers in for long, it is a pleasantly responsive game that rewards patients and punishes an itchy trigger finger.

PolyBlast follows normal mobile game conjectures, in that you’ll pick between a large array of levels that vary in difficulty. You’ll be given 99 to sort through if you find that you like the game enough to spend the extra money to unlock them. You get the first three worlds for free. “Simplicity”, “Circular”, and “Complexity” which all have varying degrees of difficulty.

Addiction, meet Frustration.

Addiction, meet Frustration.

At its core, PolyBlast is a mix of Tetris, Galaga, and Angry Birds. In the game, you are given three launch pads to tap on that each have a specific number of rockets you can fire. Your goal, is to blast away at the little hexagons that travel around their respective platforms. You’ve only got a set amount of rockets for each level. The further you progress, the less margin of error you are given. This is a game that rewards ammo conservation and a steady hand. Some levels will require you to start blasting at the start, others, you may wait a full 15 seconds before you get the pattern down enough to take your shots.

It is that method that makes the game work so well. I never experienced a latency from the moment I tapped the launch pad to the moment the rocket took flight. I never witnessed the hexagons or platforms that I fired at being buggy or inconsistent. This game is coded excellently from the start. While I didn’t necessarily enjoy the style of game that Game Cooks have created, I can’t ignore the fact that they did a tremendous job with the games sound effects and execution.

Why rage alone when you can bring friends!?

Why rage alone when you can bring friends!?

The one surprising element of the game is the option to bring a friend with you in multiplayer. You’ll set the game on the table, pizza box, neighbors cat, and wait for the count down. One of the three launch pads on either side will light up and the first tap blows up their opponents. Best of three wins. People are always looking for new ways to decide who has to wash the dishes, PolyBlast is here to help.


PolyBlast is a great game if you’re a fan of classic style puzzle-rocket-combat. You can play through a seemingly endless amount of levels (money permitting) and/or you can bring some friends along with you. Regardless of what you may think of the somewhat basic art style, PolyBlast is one of the better coded and responsive games you will have played in a while, and the frustration is far outweighed by the level design and execution.

While this isn’t the type of game I spend my twilight hours playing, it’s definitely one you should check out to see if it suits you.

The Good

  • Responsive coding
  • Multiple varied level building
  • Addictive qualities

The Bad

  • Infuriating and unforgiving
  • They Show you the levels you can’t play
  • Sarcastic death comments make replay worse

The Score: 8.0

Devon McCarty was put on this earth to have salon quality hair and get way too excited for video games, movies, and music. You can chat to him on the Analog Addiction Facebook page, follow his daily life on Twitter @DesignatedDevon or drop some sweet love in the comment section below.


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