VR-Ready Sci-Fi Title “Beyond Flesh and Blood” at PlayExpo This Weekend

With the commercial release period announced last week for the Oculus Rift, it seems that the long awaited future of gaming hardware is soon to become a reality. Hoping to add to the steadily growing collection of virtual reality content, indie developer Pixelbomb Games will be demoing their new title  “Beyond Flesh and Blood,” at PlayExpo this weekend at EventCity in Manchester.

Put on your headsets and be transported to the year 2281, where Earth has become an uninhabitable, dystopia following a global war, 80 years prior. Overrun by both living and mechanized foes, whose sole purpose is to depreciate all resources from the human race, Earth has become the last place that any rational (or living) human being would ever want to find themselves…until now. Players take the role of Ethan Cunningham, an engineer from the United Global Remnant: the last survivors of the humanity aboard the UGR Astralis. Space serves as a safe haven, but swirling rumors of alien threats and a meteor-strike finally take Ethan and the UGR back to earth via military grade VR or “Tactical Combat Frames.”

These Tactical Combat Frames correspond to Mechs back on Earth, which carry out neurological commands from the player (i.e. the action of you operating your VR set to play the game). Mechs act as the the vehicles that technically stop you from dying in the game, seeing as you operate them from the safety of your spacecraft. Through a series of operating these various Mechs, Ethan must hack enemy security measures, identify threats, and destroy all hostile scavenger forces remaining on Earth.

Will Ethan and his team be able to survive the terrors that await them back on their home planet, or will it prove to be more than they bargained for?

Space is Easy.
Prepare for Earth.
The game is set for Early Access in winter of 2015, and will be released on Xbox One and Playstation 4 in late 2016. If you’re at PlayExpo, come and check out the set-up with the Oculus Rift at Pixelbomb Games’ booth this weekend!

Rebeccah Bassell is an editor for Analog Addiction and a lover of all things games! You can like them on Facebookfollow her personal blog, The Rhetorical Gamer, or pretend to be her friend on Twitter. I think she’d really appreciate that

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