The Ballad of Rambro: Epic Music Video For ‘Broforce’ Revealed

Bro, do you even Broforce? Devolver Digital recently announced a release date for its upcoming video game Broforce. To mark this announcement, it also released a music video for the game titled ‘The Ballad of Rambro’.

Rambro is an in-game character and an obvious parody to Rambo, portrayed by Sylvester Stallone in the Rambo movie series. The music video was developed by Free Lives and musician Deon van Heerden and it can be found on the Freedom EP, a five track album of Broforce music that will be available with the game by way of pre-order or free for Broforce Early Access owners. Check out the awesome music video below:

Broforce is a sidescroller, platformer shoot em’ up featuring parodies of the biggest action stars since the eighties. Since Broforce’s initial early access release in 2014, developer Free lives have added a large amount of additional content including over a dozen new characters, missions and a level editor for players to design their own levels.

Broforce is available to players now on Steam Early Access and is set to launch on PlayStation 4 in 2016. For more information, visit the Broforce website here.

Kosta Canatselis is an editor for Analog Addiction. You can like them on Facebook.


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