Announcement Video for Survival-Horror Game ‘Syndrome’ Released

Indie developer Camel 101 released an announcement trailer today for their upcoming survival-horror game Syndrome. Playing upon classic sci-fi horror tropes of old, Syndrome takes players to one of the most terrifying places in popular imagination: a dimly-lit, deserted spaceship, floating aimlessly in the unexplored realms of deep space.

The game begins as you awake on your spacecraft, disoriented after the effects of cryosleep for an unspecified length of time. Attempting to make sense of your environment, you search to figure out what has happened to you and your crew. You learn all too quickly, however, that most of your crew hasn’t survived. The few that are still alive aren’t quite who they appear to be.

Something has changed…for the worse.

Armed with little besides your wits, your stealth, and scarce weapon and ammo drops, players must battle the physical and psychological terrors that await them aboard the ship. Will you be able to face the unknown? Will you find out what happened to you?

Will you even be able to survive?

Camel 101 is partnering with Bigmoon Entertainment on Syndrome, out Q2 2016 for Windows PC, Xbox One, PS4, Mac, and Linux.

Find out more by checking out the game’s website, and help it get greenlit on Steam!

Rebeccah Bassell is an editor for Analog Addiction and a lover of all things games! You can like them on Facebookfollow her personal blog, The Rhetorical Gamer, or pretend to be her friend on Twitter. She might even pretend to be your friend back 


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