‘Knee Deep Act 2: The Festival’ Releasing in November, Features Voice Acting

Prologue Games revealed that episode 2 of its adventure game, Knee Deep, will bring voice acting to its game’s characters. A great addition for the noir swamp adventure game.

The second episode, titled Act 2: The Festival, also promises to be more than a mere extension of the story by adding visual enhancements, improved controls in addition to the voice acting for all the game’s characters.

The story of the second episode delves deeper into the small-town politics of Cypress Knee as players attempt to peel back another layer of intrigue on the ever evolving story. The characters, Romana Teague, Jack Bellet and K.C. Gaddis all return in this second episode.

Knee Deep, Act 2: Festival will be available in November for Season Ticket Holders as a free download. A Season Ticket may be purchased for $9.99 until November. For more information visit Knee Deep’s website and check out Analog Addiction’s review of Act 1 here.


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