Nintendo Direct to Come Back

Following the somewhat recent death of Nintendo President Satoru Iwata, many have wondered if Nintendo Direct, a sporadically released series of online videos showcasing the latest news from Nintendo, would continue without him as host.

Satoru Iwata

According to an IGN interview with Nintendo at the Tokyo Game Show, it appears Nintendo Directs will continue, but the host nor when the next one will stream has been decided yet.

“We have no details to provide now on who will be featured or the topics that will be covered,” Nintendo said to IGN.

This information follows the recent news of Nintendo naming Tatsumi Kimishima the newest company president.  Kimishima’s resume of previous experience with Nintendo and its franchises include chief financial officer of The Pokemon Company, the first Pokemon Company International president, Nintendo of America president and more.

Sources: Digital Trends, IGN

Editor’s Thoughts: It’s sad and odd to think about Nintendo Direct’s continuation without Iwata’s natural charisma, but I’m actually glad to hear it’s coming back. It was not only a fun and informational way to learn about the latest from Nintendo, but it makes the audience feel more connected to the ones behind the products we as gamers use every day. It’s also important for Nintendo to keep people informed, especially with their first mobile games and next console, codenamed NX, on the horizon.


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