Second ‘Mario Kart 8’ Wii U Bundle Announced

Nintendo has announced a new Mario Kart 8 Wii U bundle, which is available today at retailers in time for Super Mario Maker’s release this Friday.

Mario Kart 8 bundle

With a $299.99 price tag, the latest bundle comes with a pre-installed copy of Mario Kart 8 plus an eShop card for the game’s two DLC packs. The extra content, which costs $11.99 together or $7.99 for one if purchased separately, includes seven characters, 16 tracks, eight vehicles and new colors for Yoshi and Shy Guy.

The first console bundle with Mario Kart 8 simply included a physical copy of the game and costed $329.99.

In our Mario Kart 8 review, we said it “is a fantastic first HD iteration to the franchise with its plethora of vehicle and character options, fantastic map designs and bright, magnificent aesthetics,” but also criticized it for the mundane Battle and Time Trail modes, as well as a desire for better Mario Kart TV options.

Robbie Key is the Nintendo editor for Analog Addiction, Assistant News Editor for The Daily Sentinel and former editor-in-chief of The Pine Log at Stephen F. Austin State University, where he is now an alumnus. Follow his completely relevant Twitter updates, watch his awesometacular YouTube videos and view his LinkedIn profile.


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