Cliff Bleszinski Launches Countdown Teaser Site for Project Bluestreak

Cliff Bleszinski has launched a new teaser site for his upcoming game, code named Project Bluestreak.

The new teaser site currently has a countdown timer, which is ticking down to a reveal in just over two days. The website itself is called “The Shattering”, whether or not this name has a significant meaning for Project Bluestreak has not been clarified at this time. The website also contains one single image, which depicts a land in fiery ruins, with dinosaur-like creatures flying in the distance.

Aside from the countdown timer, there are also three boxes labeled with a question mark. Each box is scheduled to be revealed over the next three days, though what the contents of the reveal could be are purely speculation at this stage. Cliff Bleszinski has also accompanied his original reveal with “#BraceYourself”, which again could have relevance to the upcoming reveals, or it could purely be self-hype on his behalf.


(Screenshot taken at the time of this article.)

Project Bluestreak is being developed by BossKey Productions and published by Nexon America. Little is known regarding Project Bluestreak, but it was previously revealed it would be a “Free2Play Sci-Fi PC arena shooter”.

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