‘Tembo the Badass Elephant’ Launch Trailer

Tembo the Badass Elephant launches digitally tomorrow on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Steam. To celebrate the release developer GameFreak has released the official launch trailer.

Tembo is an elephant, a badass elephant, who must use his strength to save Shell City from the menace known as Phantom. Tembo the Badass Elephant is a 2D side-scrolling action adventure, featuring 18 levels of challenging platforming and mammoth boss battles.

Tembo the Badass Elephant must stampede through enemies to build up his combo meter, while springing off walls, slamming through the ground with his iconic butt stomp, and stopping Phantom at all costs. Combining tongue-in-cheek humour, a unique art style and a nod to 90’s action movies, Tembo the Badass Elephant is a unique addition to the mascot platformer genre.

Tembo the Badass Elephant is developed by GameFreak, who you may know from the critically and commercially acclaimed handheld Pokemon series.

Jamie Briggs manages Analog Addiction and you can like them on Facebook, follow his daily life on Twitter @JamieAA, and his videos on YouTube.

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