Bethesda Accepts 2,240 Bottlecaps in Exchange for Fallout 4

In this week’s edition of “Why Didn’t I Think of That?!”, imgur user GatorMacheteJr. posted pictures of his venture to send 11 pounds worth of bottle caps in hopes of exchanging for a copy of Fallout 4.

If you know anything about the Fallout series, you’ll know that bottle caps are the series’ primary form of currency in the post-nuclear war wastes of the United States. A long time fan of the series, GatorMacheteJr. (also known as Seth) started saving real, tangible bottle caps since the last Fallout game was released in 2009. Following Bethesda’s announcement of the new game, Seth had the brilliant idea of sending his bottle cap collection in exchange for a copy of the game when it comes out in November. “Turns out 4.5 years of undergrad and 3 years in a Master’s program leads to a lot of drinking,” said Seth on his original imgur post 2 weeks ago.  “It ended up being 11.2 pounds of bottle caps. You don’t want to know how much it cost to ship it to Maryland.”

With these shipments, he also included this letter for the staff at Bethesda:

The gallery quickly gained notice and has since been featured on IGN, Kotaku, and Gamespot. One fan even promised to buy Seth a copy if Bethesda turned down his request. Fast forward to 2 days ago, Seth got an answer back from Bethesda’s Matt Grandstaff. Grandstaff told Seth that he would receive a copy of the game when it’s released and that he plans to deposit the bottle caps in “People’s Bank of Lookout Point.” For those of you not tuned into the goings on of Fallout, this was a location in Fallout 3.

Before you start saving up your bottle caps, however, Grandstaff was very clear in stating that Seth will receive game only because he was the first person to attempt this stunt. At the end of day, Bethesda’s PR department probably realized one free advance copy was worth a lot more than bad press.

Fallout 4 launches in November for PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4. Stay with Analog Addiction for all of your gaming updates!

Rebeccah Bassell is an editor for Analog Addiction and a lover of all things games! You can like them on Facebookfollow her personal blog, The Rhetorical Gamer, or pretend to be her friend on Twitter. I think she’d really appreciate that ❤


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