E3 2015: Xbox One to be Backwards Compatible

Xbox Head Phil Spencer announced the Xbox One will be backwards compatible through an update coming later.

The compatible games will come in waves of updates. The first updates will have more than 100 titles will be available for the first update this holiday, with “hundreds” more coming later.

Xbox 360 digital and physical games will be backwards compatible. Discs will require a download of the game, while digital versions will automatically be downloaded to the console with the updates.

Mass Effect was the first title shown to run backwards compatible. It, along with other games, will supposedly run smoother because of Xbox Live.

Xbox One backwards compatible

Any Xbox 360 games with multiplayer can also be played online. They will also have the same functions Xbox One has such as game DVR, screenshots,  game streaming through Windows 10 and broadcasting.

If you already own a game, it will not cost anything to make them backwards compatible.

Game developers have to approve of their games becoming backwards compatible, but it’s a “simple” process according to Microsoft.

Xbox Preview members can test it out a few of the games today. The backwards compatibility update will release for everyone this holiday season.

Robbie Key is the Nintendo editor for Analog Addiction and former editor-in-chief for The Pine Log at Stephen F. Austin State University, where he is now an alumnus. Follow his completely relevant Twitter updates, watch his awesometacular YouTube videos and view his LinkedIn profile.


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