2K Games Begin Ominous ‘Advent’ Teaser Campaign

2K Games has begun a new teaser campaign for an upcoming project, which is currently known as ‘Advent’.

Advent Header

An official website has been created the Advent Administration, which boasts about a world “free from hunger, pain, sickness and war.” Though this campaign doesn’t seem to be as righteous as one would believe, as the boastful qualities of Advent soon reveal flashes of evil deception within the corporation.

One example of this is where you’re able to sign-up for an email newsletter, which at first states “Sign up for the Advent”. However, if you stay on the site long enough the lettering will evolve into a striking red colour and the words change to “Sign up at your peril”, with the Advent logo changing to an ominous red skull.

Advent GIF

Several gif images have also been released, which can be seen throughout this post, which also showcase these ominous messages. “Millions have started living the Advent way”, will slowly change to “Millions missing”, a creepy and ominous sign that Advent is up to some shady activity.

One statement which was included in the 2K newsletter regarding the Advent Administration reads:

Imagine a place free from hunger, from sickness, from war. Now imagine if that place was truly possible.

The ADVENT Administration strives in creating a global community in which all citizens can live comfortably—and now, you can be a part of that reality too. Built from advanced technologies, the new City Centers are havens where all citizens can live in peace and prosper for generations to come.

Analog Addiction will keep you updated on the Advent Administration campaign. At this stage no platforms, developer, or even what this game could be have been revealed, but with E3 around the corner one would expect this information to be released soon.

Jamie Briggs manages Analog Addiction and you can like them on Facebook, follow his daily life on Twitter @JamieAA, and his videos on YouTube.

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