Make Your Own Video Game with ‘GameGuru’!

Let me guess – you’re a fan of video games?…….What’s that, you say?

You say, you are?


Okay, let me take another guess – perhaps you like designing your own games? Even if you’ve had no experience doing so, this new title from The Game Creators can helps you to make your very own game! Whether it’s making a multiplayer game, an action/adventure title, a horror game, a first person shooter, or even a kid’s game, Gameguru is for you!

Following the vibrant success of the early access version of GameGuru, the developers, The Game Creators, have launched the full retail version of the easy to use game maker on Steam. Released today with an additional 25% off, this is an easy to use tool for designers and non-designers alike to help you strut your creative stuff – with no knowledge of coding or 3D Art required! Included in this new retail release, updated from  is a multitude of graphic styles packs and multitudes of customization features, ensuring that every game made with GameGuru will look different. These include (but are not limited to):

  • New Character Creator – create your own characters!
  • Third person gaming mode
  • 3D edit mode
  • Team based multiplayer mode
  • Co-op multiplayer mode
  • Story Mode (playing videos)
  • Decal animation support
  • Enhanced weapon features
  • Improved Zombie AI
  • .3DS import support (Sketchup Pro & others)
  • Many new LUA script commands
  • Plus hundreds of other tweaks and fixes!

Those interested in development and learning more about games can test out their chops in this easy tool that helps to make really professional looking games. I could also see a lot of other tools coming out like this, seeing how popular it was at GDC and with the Steam early access community. Also, did I mention it’s under $20? Total steal!

Check out their website and steam page for more details!

Rebeccah Bassell is an editor for Analog Addiction and a lover of all things games! You can like them on Facebook and follow her personal blog, The Rhetorical Gamer to learn more about the rhetorical power of games.


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