New ‘Destiny’ Information – House of Wolves, Trials of Osiris, Crucible

Bungie has revealed a plethora of new information regarding the upcoming Destiny expansion House of Wolves, as well as detailing how the new Trials of Osiris PvP activity will work.

Destiny Screen 13

The upcoming House of Wolves expansion aims to make Crucible (the competitive online multiplayer component of Destiny) a more rewarding endeavour than it has been previously. Players will now be able to earn double the engrams and Crucible marks than they have previously, with multiplayer rewards now aimed at rewarding players who do well within each online match. Finishing top of the leaderboard and not receiving a reward will (hopefully) now be a thing of the past.

Information on Trials of Osiris, the upcoming PvP portion of House of Wolves also came thick and fast today. Trials of Osiris requires players to for squads of three players, in order to battle within an elimination 3v3 challenge. Sadly, like Raids, player matchmaking will not be available, meaning players must form their squad outside of the mode before being able to enter the PvP mode.

Destiny 2

Each week Trials of Osiris will be locked to one of three maps (four if you are playing on PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4, due to an exclusive multiplayer map). Crucible leader design Derek Carroll stated that locking the map each week will help create a stable and uniform competition.

Bungie has also made sure matches themselves focus on stability, with matchmaking determined by online player connections. This decision was made to make sure players experience higher quality matches, even though it may sacrifice close matches. Previously Destiny has relied on player performance to determine matchmaking.

Some good news for Destiny players who haven’t purchased The Dark Below expansion. Once House of Wolves is released, all three maps included in the original expansion will be free for all players; regardless of a previous expansion purchase or not.


The House of Wolves expansion will release May 19 for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. To read Analog Addiction’s full Destiny review, click here.

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