‘Shadow of Mordor’ The Bright Lord DLC Available Now

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has released a new story mission expansion pack for Middle-earth:  Shadow of Mordor. The Bright Lord DLC pack is now available for Season Pass Holders and available to purchase separately for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

The Bright Lord DLC pack takes place before the events of Shadow of Mordor, with players controlling Celebrimbor in a battle against the Dark Lord himself – Sauron. Celebrimbor will be able to weild the power of the One Ring, using it to go invisible and become almost indestructible as he slaughters his enemies.

The story campaign will include 10 new missions as Celebrimbor aims to destroy Sauron at the height of his power, which includes an epic boss encounter with Sauron himself. Uruk enemies and Warchief’s will also provide a new challenge as they will receive a boost to level 25 and possess new abilities. Players will also receive a Celebrimbor skin to use in the main campaign and a new “Test of the Ring” challenge mode.


Analog Addiction will have a full review of The Bright Lord DLC very soon, until then find out why we nominated Shadow of Mordor for Analog Addiction’s GOTY in 2014 by reading the original review.

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