Nyko Announces Intercooler for PS4

Nyko Technologies has announced the Intercooler for PlayStation 4 consoles, a wireless console extension that improves the ambient temperature of the system, is now available at selected video game retailers for $24.99; which can be seen in the images below.

Initially revealed during E3 as part of Nyko’s Modular line of products, the Intercooler increases the amount of hot air that leaves the PS4 console, while also designed to match the texture and design of Sony’s latest console.

“We designed the Intercooler specifically for gamers who keep multiple electronic devices in close proximity to each other at home,” said Chris Arbogast, director of marketing at Nyko Technologies. “The result is a reliable and affordable cooling solution that distributes heat away from the system and can improve overall air circulation in a multi-device environment.”

The Intercooler contains three fans and is powered by the PS4’s power cord, meaning no extra attachments of cables are required. Connecting to the back of the PS4, the attachment will automatically turn on and off when the system is in use, due to Nyko’s Power Pass-Through technology.

The Intercooler joins a list of PS4 accessories that have recently been announced, including a Glacier White Modular Charge Station and the DualShock 4 Power Pak,which doubles the DualShock 4’s battery life.

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  1. Hey guys and girls i see many confused people about this product, then i want to make it clear for good!

    First if you want your console to be cooler, solution? SSD alias Solid State Drive (recommend Samsung ones like 840 Evo, 850 Pro or 850 Evo, they come in with more storage too “1 to 2 TB” which is enought for your games and who say SSD mean SPEED demons! Yes you clearly heard speed! That mean without doing harm to your PS4, you boost it!). Why i said that this should make it cooler? Well for one reason is the normal drive alias HDD of the PS4 does heat more than a SSD and its a real fact! Believe me or no test it by yourself.

    Nyko Intercooler is very bad as you can see on YouTube there many video showing the noise its do and its very scary! Also the product does eat power from your PS4 for its work and the result is you make your ps4 working harder than its should be, which SSD do consumpt less than a HDD so now let calculate –> no Nyko (normal power) + no HDD and a SSD PS4 (less power so making the console work less) = Win!!! Proof? search on internet and see by yourself! As i said buy a SSD that the only way you make your PS4 cooler and yes its has a price but worth every money you put on it and later if you desire to sell your PS4, keep your original drive safely then put it back… Your SSD then will still be usefull because its PC compatible too! So no money lost!

    Also dont worry if your PS4 do ventilate very much its normal!!!! Your PS4 is just cooling his cpu alias the processor!! If its wasnt then now you should worry lol…

    See you all and happy gaming!


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